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Frequently asked questions

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The visualisation only shows squares or other strange objects.

GTECS3D 2.0 requires OpenGL 3.14 or higher.
Make sure your graphics card supports this and the latest drivers are installed.

msvcr*** is missing or error 0xc0000007b shows

GTECS3D 2.0 requires Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable 2013.
Make sure this is installed:

Why is my unit cell near to empty

Probably you are using a rather new cif-file with slightly different synthax.

Make sure the equivalent position are given as "_symmetry_equiv_pos_as_xyz".

Why is my cif-file not loaded correctly?

This can be caused by several issues:
- check if the syntax of the cif-file is correct
- check if the file does not contain multiple structures: this is not supported yet

It is also important that the symmetry operations are given correctly, furthermore disordered molecules should be deleted as they can cause problems during simplification process.

Why is the "msvcr100.dll" missing under Windows?

This is because the vc-runtime library from Microsoft is not installed on some systems.
You can download the required library from Microsoft here: